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Consumers complain over power supply bills

By   /   09/01/2014  /   Comments Off on Consumers complain over power supply bills

Pristina, January 9, 2014/Balkan Independent News Agency

Consumers complain about the increase of their power supply bills. Many of them suspect that their debt to KEDS has been wrongly billed with a higher price than their real spending.

The company that privatized the distribution network, KEDS, receives up to 25 complaints a day.

“It’s understandable for bills to change from one month to another, but not on this scale. It’s impossible for bills to be 50% higher from one month to another. With the same consumption of power, I can say that I pay 50 Euros one month and 100 Euros in the other”, complains consumer Zana Shala.

Meanwhile, KEDS officials have delivered a press conference where they have said that all complaints will be deliberated within the set deadlines and for this, a taskforce has been set up. Meanwhile, during this time, there will not be power cuts for consumers who have complained. They have excluded the possibility of mistakes in invoicing power supply.

“Unfortunately, to us it doesn’t sound good when we hear the phrase ‘inflated bills’. KEDS doesn’t inflate bills and it doesn’t purposely increase bills. KEDS complies by the rules and charging system in the Republic of Kosovo and all consumers are billed based on these procedures”, said the spokesman of this company, Guri Shkodra.

Shkodra has said that KEDS is in favor of the reformation of the charging structure.

“KEDS is in favor of the charging structure. First of all we believe that the current charging system causes ambiguities for consumers and as such, it must be reformed. KEDS is in favor of the reformation in order for the new charging system to serve the interests of the citizens of Kosovo”, said he.

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) has also reacted during the course of the day on this phenomenon.

“LDK believes that consumers in Kosovo are paying for the poor management of KEK and the energy sector in general through the high power bills. The government, KEK and Power Regulatory Authority didn’t take any measures in spite of the setting up of the Parliamentary Enquiry Committee on power supply bills, launched by LDK and the concrete recommendations which were issued”, states the press release of LDK.

According to LDK, many consumers today don’t know how power supply is calculated, as a result of the complications with triple fees.

“LDK blames all those who are part of the managerial chain, from KEK’s manager to the government for the deterioration of the situation. It’s unacceptable for investments in the construction of new thermal power stations to take such a long time and for consumers to face the lack of such an elementary service such as power supply. LDK believes that this situation has come as a result of the negligence and lack of competence of the government led by PDK and parties in coalition”, further states the press release.

Last year was marked by a number of protests against the rise of power supply. /ibna/

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