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Corruption in FYROM mostly present in healthcare and politics

By   /   17/11/2016  /   Comments Off on Corruption in FYROM mostly present in healthcare and politics

In FYROM, corruption is mostly present in the healthcare system, politics, road police and education. This is said in the Transparency International report. According to the report, 35% of the citizens believe that corruption is one of the three main problems that the state faces. 57% of respondents answered that the highest level of corruption exists in the healthcare system. A considerable percentage has also claimed that there’s a high level of corruption in politics too, especially when elections are close and when citizens are offered money in exchange of their vote.

28% of respondents said that they do not dare to denounce corruption, due to the repercussions that they may have.

“25% of respondents said that they fear the consequences if they denounce cases of corruption. The lack of the rule of law, institutional failure to act and the inadequate protection of those who denounce deters people”, said the head of Transparency International in Skopje, Sjadjana Taseva. /balkaneu.com/

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