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Credit Suisse: Total wealth of the Albanian people is 21 billion USD

By   /   23/11/2016  /   Comments Off on Credit Suisse: Total wealth of the Albanian people is 21 billion USD

The 2016 Global Wealth Report has been published by the Credit Suisse Research Institute

The total value of the wealth of Albanian people is 21 billion USD, says the last report issued by Credit Suisse on the global wealth for 2016.

The Global Wealth Report 2016 points out that the financial wealth and assets for each adult Albanian are nearly 9200 USD.

According to the data of the report, Albanians have tripled their wealth compared to 16 years ago, in 2000.

Compared to other countries of the region, the wealth of Albanian people is among the lowest one, leaving behind only Serbia.

However, the wealth of Albanian adults is much lower than the world average of 52.8 thousand USD per adult citizen.

The Report ranks Albania in the group of countries with low and average incomes. The report, which includes most countries of the world, confirms a weak trend of the growth of global assets. In the past 12 months, global wealth has grown by 3.5 trillion USD to 256 trillion, or 1.4%.

As far as neighboring countries are concerned, this report points out that wealth in Bulgaria is around 14.800 USD and in Romania around 13.800 USD. For every Serb adult, wealth amounts to 6900 USD, while in FYOM, it’s 9600 USD. For Bosnia, this figure is 11.400 USD, while in Montenegro it’s 18.900. The wealth of Croatians amounts to 22.3 thousand USD per adult citizen.

Meanwhile, Slovenians are the richest in the Balkans with over 54 thousand USD per every adult. The country with the largest wealth per adult is Switzerland with 376 thousand USD. /balkaneu.com/

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