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The end of the electoral campaign in FYROM

By   /   09/12/2016  /   Comments Off on The end of the electoral campaign in FYROM

Today, political parties in FYROM will end the 11 December early elections campaign. The left wing opposition coalition led by SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union) will finalize its campaign with a rally in Skopje. Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE, the party which has governed in the past 10 years, finalizes its campaign this evening in Prilep, in the southeast of the country, which is known to be the stronghold of this party.

Democratic Union for Integration (BDI), the Albanian party which has also been in power for the past 13 years, ends its campaign today in Tetovo, while the Democratic Party of Albanians (PDSH) has ended its campaign in Tetovo, which is dominated by ethnic Albanians.

On Sunday there will be electoral silence, while on Sunday, polling stations will open at 7 am. According to the State Election Commission, these elections will be monitored by a great number of observers. 1,7 million people are eligible to vote, although the exact number of the population is not yet known due to the failure of a census which was held in 2011. In its last census in 2002, FYROM had 2,1 million people. /balkaneu.com/

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