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Institutional resistance against Special Prosecution in FYROM

By   /   25/03/2016  /   Comments Off on Institutional resistance against Special Prosecution in FYROM

Skopje, 5 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Special Prosecution has seized all the documents regarding companies registered in the Central Register.

With the assistance of police, special prosecutors have entered this institution, by seizing documents and files belonging to companies involved in the process of investigations. The Special Prosecution said that it intervened in this institution, as it had not received the documents that it had requested and no reply for 30 days.

This prosecution said that many institutions do not hesitate to avoid cooperation.

Expert on legal issues, Naser Ziberi says that since its foundation, the Special Prosecution is facing obstructions, lack of cooperation and refusal by other institutions. According to him, this situation shows that institutions in the country are highly politicized.

“This shows that institutions operate based on political orders and not based on the law. We were expecting such obstructions to take place, but in the future there will be great resistance and refusal, due to the opening of cases relating to crime and corruption”, Naser Ziberi says.

Court of First Instance in Skopje said that the search warrant issued for the prosecution shows that the court is collaborating and that it shows a positive approach for the work of this prosecution.  However, this court has criticized the intervention of the Prosecution in the Central Register, comparing this with Hollywood scenes.

The Special Prosecution has become part of the public debate, following the report that it has submitted to parliament for the first six months since its creation.

Party in power, VMRO-DPMNE has summoned head prosecutor Katica Janeva in a hearing, but the latter has replied that she’s not obliged by law to participate.

This hearing has been postponed for three times in a row, until Macedonian opposition demanded yesterday for the session to take place without the head prosecutor.

Special Prosecution was established in September of last year in the framework of the talks for the solution of the political crisis. This prosecution is dealing with the investigation of the wiretapping affair, which broke out last year when the opposition published registered materials of state officials, which incriminate them in organized crime, corruption and abuse with office. /ibna/

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