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MPs: Electoral reform should be finalized as soon as possible

By   /   31/01/2014  /   Comments Off on MPs: Electoral reform should be finalized as soon as possible

Pristina, January 31, 2014/Balkan Independent News Agency

A debate on the electoral reform is taking place in the parliament of Kosovo. Following the unanimous voting of the bill for the ratification of the agreement for the status of the members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania and Security Forces of the Republic of Kosovo, representatives of political subjects have expressed their stances in relation to the much debated electoral reform.

The former chairman of the Committee for the Electoral Reform, Haki Demolli demanded for the recommendations to be sent to the Law Committee in order for them to enter normal procedures. Based on these recommendations, parliament can then take a decision on amending the electoral law.

During this debate, PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo) has insisted on holding the elections at the start of autumn.

“PDK is not in favor of holding early elections. I propose for political parties in parliament to finalize the reform during the month of February and then, based on the Venice principles, the elections to be held 6 months later, namely at the begging of autumn”, said PDK member of parliament, Arsim Bajrami.

Meanwhile, the head of the parliamentary group of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Ismat Beqiri has backed the continuation of the reform, but has demanded for the electoral process not to be a hostage of this reform. “We must not remain a hostage of this reform in holding the elections. LDK has always been in favor of carrying out the electoral reform as soon as possible”, said Beqiri.

On the other hand, Self Determination MP, Albulena Haxiu said that this reform has been used to make the life of this government longer.

“So far, the reform has only been used as a political instrument of the head of the government and head of LDK in opposition for political bargaining and to make the life of the government of Kosovo longer”, said she. Meanwhile, as far as the reform is concerned, she has reiterated the the positioning relating to the content of the electoral reform.

“It’s important for the electoral reform to take place within legal deadlines. I call upon you to unify our positioning”, said PDK member of parliament, Halit Krasniqi.

“The reform should have been taken place after the election of Atifete Jahjaga as president. It was an imposed agreement”, said LDK member of palriament, Sabri Hamiti.

Currently, political parties are trying to carry out reforms without affecting the Constitution. /ibna/

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