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Parents from KonjevićPolje Left Their Tents in Sarajevo

By   /   31/01/2014  /   Comments Off on Parents from KonjevićPolje Left Their Tents in Sarajevo


By MajaTuljković – Sarajevo

After nearly three months, the parents of children of Bosniak nationality from KonjevićPolje began to dismantle the tent village they have set up in front of the Office of the High Representative building (OHR) in Sarajevo. At the meeting of parents in Nova Kasaba, they came to a decision to go back home.

However, this does not mean that they have given up their fight for their children. On the contrary, they said that the fight is moving in the right direction. The parents decided to go back home, but will also try all other ways that are in accordance with B&H law to provide their children with classes within the framework of national subject. They are already thinking about the next school year, and what to do if the problem is not solved by then.

In the meantime, hundreds of children of Bosniak nationality from KonjevićPolje, who spent the first half of the school year not attending classes because their parents protested that there were no national subjects for this group, began classes in Nova Kasaba, a small town in the RS entity, on Wednesday. They will take intensive classes until June so that they will not fall behind one year.

For now, the classes are organized on the premises of the Islamic Community of B&H, and 14 teachers from Sarajevo are leading the classes, based on the FB&H program. The instructional content that the children were supposed to know by now is adopted, and they will start at the same time learning the material from the second half of the school year.

Under the Law of Primary Education of Canton Sarajevo, students who did not attended 1/3 of the classes have to take an exam, so it was already agreed upon for children from KonjevićPolje to take the class exam in the elementary school “VladislavSkarić” in Sarajevo. The transport to Nova Kasaba, which is 2 kilometers from KonjevićPolje, has still not been secured, but until the issue is resolved next week, parents are organizing themselves in order to send their children to school.

After the failure of all attempts to reach an agreement with the Minister of Education and Culture of the RS GoranMutabdžija, parents and children from KonjevićPolje came to Sarajevo on 9 October, where they set up tents outside the OHR building. They demanded that the relevant institutions find a solution that would lead to the introduction of a national group of subjects, through the Constitution and laws that prescribe the ethnic composition of the school board.

Earlier this week, parents once again sent a letter to the RS Minister of Culture and Education and other relevant institutions in order to let them know about their move and the organized instructional classes. They said they wanted this problem to be solved as soon as possible, so that children could return to school and become once again a part of the B&H educational system. The children expressed their readiness to go back to school, as well as the fact that they will not end up falling behind one school year.

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