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Special Prosecution complains about obstructions

By   /   02/02/2017  /   Comments Off on Special Prosecution complains about obstructions

The Special Prosecution in FYROM is complaining that its work is being hindered by the Criminal Court. This prosecution which is investigating the so called wiretapping affair, says that the Criminal Court has rejected four motions for raids in the homes of suspects who are suspected in the wiretapping affair.

“As part of our motions, we have also submitted evidence and registered conversations. The procedures have been regular, but judges have rejected them. We have demanded to raid the homes of former state officials”, said the Special Prosecution.

The Special Prosecution, led by Katica Janeva was established with the agreement reached in June 2015 between four political parties to investigate the wiretapping scandal. Up until now, this prosecution has only processed a small part of cases. /balkaneu.com/

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