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Syria, Berisha: The new Sadam must be given the punishment that he deserves

By   /   31/08/2013  /   Comments Off on Syria, Berisha: The new Sadam must be given the punishment that he deserves

Tirana, August 31, 2013
Acting Prime Minister Sali Berisha has reacted today about the situation in Syria, declaring that for as long as the veto in the Security Council to defend butcher’s regimes is used, the only way to defend UNO and its universal Charter is to avoid the veto of the Security Council and issue an exemplary punishment against those who commit crimes against humanity.
Prime Minister Berisha says that there are clear proofs that the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has used chemical substances and has poisoned to death over 1400 children, women, men, unprotected civilians in the quarters of Damascus.
In a comment on his Facebook profile, Berisha writes, “In the absence of a punishment, UNO along with Security Council must turn into a world shield against dictatorship regimes. Therefore, we believe that that the USA, as the country with the main responsibility for peace and security in the world, but also other free countries, have the right and must impose universal values incarnated in their Constitutions and universal Charter of UNO on the arbitrary veto of the Security COuncil and issue the punishment deserved by the regime of the new Sadam who used chemical substances against his citizens”. /ibna/

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